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ABC with Lisa | Low Impact Fitness Class

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Date & Time: April 22
4:15 pm
- 4:45 pm


Price: $6 – $8

ABC with Lisa | every Monday in April

Join our invigorating Low Impact Fitness Class, where we prioritize Agility, Balance, and Coordination. This lively class combines the joy of simple dance steps with targeted exercises to enhance physical stability and mobility. Designed specifically for those over 50, new to dance, or who just want to move, this class promotes overall wellbeing while having fun on the dance floor. Improve your balance, boost agility, and refine coordination—all in a friendly, supportive, and enjoyable environment.


Limit 12 participants. $6 per class (or $8 for nonmembers)

Register in advance for which Mondays in April you will attend to guarantee your spot.

(sign-up sheet in the Aerobics studio, call 262.965.7017, or email WellnessConnection@threepillars.org)

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