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  • 1905-1915

    By 1905 the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin had been in existence for 62 years with about 21,250 members. The Scottish Rite was formed in 1863 with about 1,400 members by 1905.

    World War I Began
    San Francisco Earthquake
    Boy Scouts Founded
    First Mass Produced Automobile
    Sinking Of Titanic


  • 1916-1925

    In 1916, the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Wisconsin becomes the full and rightful owner of the Willard Van Brunt property. By 1917, Br. Van Brunt still consults with...

    Sinking of Lusitania
    Sonar Developed
    League of Nations Formed
    World Influenza Epidemic
    Insulin Found to Treat Diabetes


  • 1926-1935

    In 1931, there were over 100 residents at the Home with the Hospital near capacity. The woman who received the $5.00 gold piece in 1900 to begin the Eastern Star fund for the Home passed.

    First TV Picture Transmitted
    Penicillin Discovered
    Great Depression
    Planet Pluto Discovered
    First Electron Microscope


  • 1936-1945

    Additional restroom facilities were added to each floor of Van Brunt Hall in 1937, where there were still two occupants to a room. A severe drought occurred and a sprinkler system was added.

    Radar Invented
    Social Security Enacted
    Helicopter Developed
    Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor
    D-Day, Normandy Invasion


  • 1946-1955

    The number of residents increased in 1947 to 131 from 101 in just one year. Improvements at the Hospital provided 8 more beds for patients along with additional plumbing and lavatory facilities.

    United Nations Formed
    First Electric Computer
    Korean War Begun
    Antihistamine Developed
    Discovery of DNA


  • 1956-1965

    The Home saw another year of operating under budget in 1956, thanks in part to the Masons who each contributed $2.50 per year to help fund it. Residents received $2.00 per month...

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    Berlin Wall Built
    Alaska Became 49th State
    Hawaii Became 50th State
    Medicare Enacted


  • 1966-1975

    In 1966, 104 residents lived at Van Brunt Hall and 33 permanently resided at the Hospital. Redecorating was completed at Van Brunt, with new furnishings and fresh paint throughout.

    First Human Heart Transplant
    Martin Luther King Assassinated
    First Man on the Moon
    Watergate Break in
    Mickey Mouse Turns Forty


  • 1976-1985

    The Home applied for Medicaid certification in 1977. Several residents would be eligible for SSI (Supplemental Security Income), state, and county medical assistance.

    First Personal Computer
    Vietnam War Ends
    Iran - Iraq War
    First Laptop Computer
    Compact Disc Invented


  • 1986-1995

    In 1986 a request is sent to the Milwaukee School of Architectural Engineering to design a prototype retirement village. By 1987, in anticipation of building a retirement village...

    End of Soviet Union
    Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
    Reunification of Germany
    AOL Founded
    The Internet Goes Public


  • 1996-2005

    In 1996, our second independent living community, MasonWoods, opens near Shawano, Wisconsin with 32 independent living apartments. VOS adds 39 units and 33 are immediately occupied.

    First Flat Screen TV
    K-Mart Files for Bankruptcy
    Email Becomes Popular
    Heat Wave in Europe Kills 35,000
    Hurricane Katrina Hits the Gulf


  • 2006-2015

    We pioneer a new approach to assisted living in 2006 with the opening of our Catered Living Community, Compass Point. This 75 unit community replaces the Home.

    Google Buys YouTube
    Pluto Declared Dwarf Planet
    Obama Ends Combat in Iraq
    Boston Marathon Bombing
    Apple iWatch Released


  • 2016-Present

    In 2016, management and the Wisconsin Masonic Home Board of Directors launches long-term planning for future strategic initiatives to meet the needs of older adults.

    Total Solar Eclipse
    Cryptocurrency Boom & Crash
    Longest Rail Tunnel Unveiled
    NASA’s Juno Orbits Jupiter
    1st Woman Nominated US Pres