• 1947

    The number of residents increased to 131 from 101 in just one year. Improvements at the Hospital provided 8 more beds for patients along with additional plumbing and lavatory facilities.

  • 1950

    1950, the Grand Master described Van Brunt Hall as 'Masonry in Action'.

    The Hospital was crowded for the entire year. The Eastern Star voted to build a 14-bed addition to the Hospital at an estimated cost of $48,000.

  • 1951

    May 12, the cornerstone was laid for the new Hospital addition.

  • 1953

    Food served at Van Brunt, more than ever before, was produced at the farm and prepared in the kitchen. The following partial list of food was canned during the year in the Home kitchen:

    • Tomatoes - 1,000 quarts
    • Beets - 208 quarts
    • Beans (green) - 812 quarts
    • Sauerkraut - 100 quarts
    • Corn - 800 quarts
    • Beans (yellow) - 408 quarts
    • Pickles (dill) - 454 quarts
    • Grape jelly - 40 gallons
    • Pickles (sweet) - 325 quarts
    • Grape Juice - 75 gallons
    • Lard - 500 pounds
  • 1954

    New state laws required the Hospital to be licensed and have inspections for certification.

    Residents at Van Brunt Hall and patients at the Hospital totaled 134. There were 42 beds in the Hospital of which 21 were for permanent patients and 21 for transient patients.

    Both facilities had a maximum capacity of 139 residents and patients. There is a waiting list for admittance to the Home.

  • 1955

    Over 32 gallons of milk is used at the Home each day with savings of about $8,000 for milk alone. For the year the farm provides 4,225 dozen eggs, 4,810 pounds of beef, 2,590 pounds of veal, 960 pounds of chicken, and 11,695 pounds of pork. Additional products come from the garden.

    The Home and Hospital are at capacity all year with a waiting list of only one.

    The Grand Lodge passes a resolution to erect a Historical Marker for the Home


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