Life at Independent Living

Living life to the fullest at a life plan senior living community

Ever wonder what a day-in-the-life in independent living at a senior community is like? Come along with us as we fill you in on a typical day for a resident at a community like our Village on the Square for those aged 55+!

Most residents at independent living are retired, leaving plenty of time for all they want to do (and nothing that they don’t!), but several still work and many volunteer regularly. As you read through this day, imagine tailoring it to how you’d do independent living, because this phase in life is all about doing it how you like.

It’s about engagement, development, peace of mind, health, leisure, connections, and living life to the fullest!

7:00 AM: Stretch, yawn, smile – it’s a beautiful day at the Village on the Square independent living. This is retirement – you didn’t think you’d be up at the crack of dawn, did you? The sun pours onto the foot of your bed through your eastern-facing window overlooking the Bark River.

7:15 AM: Scan the paper, which has been delivered to your door deck, and sip your first cup of joe. Catch up on emails (via your free wifi!), feed the cat (pet-friendly is the way to be!), check the community activity calendar, and get ready for your day.

8:15 AM: Turn on some tunes and prepare a light, healthy breakfast in your apartment, saving room for the donuts you know will be at coffee hour later!

9:00 AM: Head down the hall to the chapel for daily devotionals group with the pastor – one of your favorite sources of rejuvenation and inspiration to fuel your day.

10:00 AM: The coffee group gathers – mosey into your usual seat, fill your mug, and take your pick from the donuts of the day. Chat about news, technology, which newly-added NY Times Best Seller book you need to check out from the community library, and this weekend’s group overnight trip to Door County. Ever since living at independent living, you get an extra charge out of planning trips, since you know you can pick up and go anytime and your home stays safe, secure, and taken care of.

older adult women enjoy drinks together

11:15 AM: Meet your daughter in the lobby (she always greets you with a million-dollar-hug) and head to the cafe for paninis and salads. Today’s special is a fresh BLT with lettuce and tomatoes from the garden club’s harvest and a side caesar – the best!

1:00 PM: Hop onto the community shuttle for a trip to the opposite side of the 60-acre campus. You plan to enjoy a workout and a visit with a friend in another building. The whisper-quiet battery-powered shuttle whisks you through the grounds, and along the way, you chat with friends while enjoying the fresh breeze and stunning scenery of the woods, ponds, and wildlife.

Three PIlars shuttle

1:15 PM: Work out at the campus’ state-of-the-art holistic Wellness Connection. Today, a bit of cardio on the bike, one circuit on the strength-training machines, and a good stretch session is just what you need.

Senior woman exercising

2:00 PM: A short walk through the building takes you to visit a friend who lives at Memory Care. Today, her face lights up when she sees you and you head out to a table in the courtyard to reminisce about your fun-filled 30-year friendship.

Two older adult women having conversation outdoors

2:30 PM: Shuttle back home and put your feet up for a bit, thinking of all the home maintenance tasks that used to be on your to-do list but you never have to do again… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. What, dozed off? Just a little cat nap – it’s good for the brain!

3:15 PM: Attend a program in the Learning Center about the history and untold stories of the Green Bay Packers. GO PACK, GO!

4:15 PM: Head to your vehicle in the underground heated/cooled parking lot – off you go to volunteer doing a craft at the children’s center down the road. As if your day couldn’t get any better, it’s now brimming with toothy grins, giggles, and warm hugs, to boot.

older woman painting with young children

5:15 PM: Happy Hour on the patio back at the apartment with your best friends from your apartment wing. And – surprise! The chef has done up a special one this week, complete with a bourbon pairing, tasting, and education.

6:00 PM: Tonight, the famous Three Pillars shrimp scampi calls your name for supper at the restaurant. As you let all the deliciousness settle, visit with some friends and employees (who feel like family) by the 4-sided fireplace.

Older adults dining together

7:30 PM: Gather your A-game for cards group – it’s Sheepshead tonight, a Midwest favorite! You brought your nickels and hope for some wins.

8:45 PM: Count your big winnings and head up to your apartment. Snuggle into your best easy chair for popcorn and one Food Network show (on your free cable) followed by the news.

10:00 PM: Goodnight! Dream of what tomorrow will bring – a whole new day filled with cooking class, tai chi, a Resident Council meeting, a group art project, and a campus buddy walk.

And there you have it – all in a day’s work at independent living!

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Please note that this “day in the life” is not intended to be an actual representation of our activity calendar, which changes monthly. We recommend checking our Events page for an up-to-date glimpse at all daily activities at each of our communities.