12 Ways We Get Hygge at Three Pillars

If you ask us, it’s still the most wonderful time of the year. Sure, there may not be any more mistletoeing but hearts are still glowing around here. At Three Pillars, we’re getting our “hygge” on – and it’s the perfect time of year for it!

What is “hygge”, you ask? It’s a Danish term, but really, it’s more of a concept. They say it can’t be translated into a single English word, because it encompasses a whole feeling; something you just know when you experience it: cozy contentment, friendliness, and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life.

Meik Wiking, the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, says hygge is such an important part of being Danish that it is considered, “a defining feature of our cultural identity and an integral part of the national DNA.” The term and trend is gaining popularity in the US, and it’s no surprise. While pursuing all things hygge isn’t limited to the winter season, the dreary cold naturally drives us to seek out comfort and warmth, so it’s a perfect match.

Who doesn’t like coziness in the midst of a Wisconsin winter?

To start your hygge journey with a smile, take a stab at pronouncing the word. Give it a whirl, listen to the correct pronunciation, and be prepared to chuckle at yourself:

Ready to send the hygge factor through the roof? Here are just a few ways we get hygge at Three Pillars.

  1. Cozy attire, from head to toe.
    You can’t get much more snuggly than this.

2. Fireplaces a-blazing
For a rip-roaring cozy time, allllll the fireplaces are switched on around here.

3. Hot drinks a-sipping
Toasty beverages grace the tables of important meetings and friendly socials alike.

4. Happy hour with friends.
Cheers to that hygge feeling.

5. Comfort food
Did someone say decadent desserts and buttery carbs?

6. Curling up with a good book
Lucky for us, we have just a few to choose from in our libraries.

senior woman choosing a book

7. Cozy crafts with friends
Fleece projects, wine and paint, or coloring with pals = relaxation and socialization bliss.

8. Movie night
Snuggle into the comfy theater chairs – blanket optional.

Movie night at Three Pillars senior living

9. Embrace peace, gratitude, and spirituality in the chapel
And whenever possible, find a seat where the sunlight streaming through antique stained-glass windows splashes over you.

three pillars chapel indoor

10. Have snow much fun outdoors
It makes the warm-up by the fireplace afterwards that much more cozy!

Three Pillars resident playing in the snow

11. Puppy snuggles
There’s something magical about the feeling of a fluffy pup’s fur between your fingers.

Three Pillars resident with puppy

12. Hug your favorite people
For the best boost of hygge you could ever get.

Now go on and seek your own hygge! As you embrace it in your life, remember to live in the moment and embrace each element as you experience it.