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Resources & Links for Wisconsin Masonic Seniors

Dear Fellow Masons and all Masonic Families in Wisconsin:

The Grand Lodge of Wisconsin and the Board of Directors of Wisconsin Masonic Home, Masonry's largest charity, supported by your contributions and your significant goodwill, realize not every Wisconsin Mason with elder care needs is able to take advantage of the services on our campus in Dousman, Wisconsin. As part of our continuing Outreach Program, we offer this resource guide and set of internet links to help you with your basic questions about elder care issues.

It is our hope that you will contact us with your questions or concerns and that our staff may be able to help to give you information about senior living resources or other contacts for services in your neighborhood. We hope you find the information and resources useful.

Please, if you have questions or feedback for us regarding the information provided on this page, or if you would like more information on the services available at Three Pillars, please contact the staff at e-mail.

Every Mason and Mason's family in this state should know this Masonic Charity was created by you, for you, and this truth is never forgotten by its staff and leadership.

Mark Strautman
President & CEO

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