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Not Your Grandmother’s Senior Living Community | 7 amenities that today’s communities boast

August 13, 2015

This article originally appeared on Angie’s List

Senior living communities are not nursing homes. They’re not places where older adults are sitting around in front of a TV all day. They’re not old buildings with tiny rooms and ancient furnishings. In short, they’re just not what you may remember if you are still carrying memories of visiting your grandmother back in the day.


If you haven’t been to visit a senior living community in the past couple of years, you’d be pleasantly surprised at what you’ll find these days. Senior communities have evolved to be vibrant hubs of livelihood, full of luxurious amenities and catered options galore. If you’re up for it, go take a tour of the senior community in your town. Chances are, you’ll find the following:

  1. Fitness Centers – And not just a treadmill in the corner of the activity room. We’re talking state-of-the-art fitness studios with gorgeous equipment and plenty of spaces to exercise and be well.
  2. Catered Living Options – People don’t want to pay for what they don’t need. Many communities offer catered or a la carte options so residents may opt to receive extra services on an as needed basis. This means they may just want one additional hour of housekeeping this month, or assistance setting up their pill box, but that’s all. If that’s all they want, that’s all they need to pay for.
  3. Supper-Club Style Dining – The restaurants in most senior communities rival any top eatery in town. Many have a chef preparing the cuisine, fantastic wait staff, and the ease of having ‘in-house’ billing so food charges are simply added to the monthly statement along with rent.
  4. Technology – WiFi, touch screens, streaming Netflix, iPads, laptops, and tech classes for residents… Whether for recreation, education, or just ease of living, technology abounds to enhance the lives of residents at Senior Living Communities.
  5. Apartment Customization – Just because it’s in an apartment building doesn’t mean it needs to be cookie cutter. Many communities allow for custom floor coverings, your choice of paint color, special window treatments, a light fixture that’s special to you, and touches like cutting down the bathtub wall if it’s difficult for you to step over. The apartment is home so why wouldn’t you want it just to your liking?
  6. Concierge ServicesConcierge at senior communities function much like a “rent-a-daughter.” They’re the friendly faces that are around five to seven days per week who can help with just about any question or need that a resident may have, from finding a local dry cleaner to helping you carry a package to your apartment.
  7. Modern Architecture and Design – Most of today’s senior living communities are built (or remodeled) with accessibility and lifestyle in mind. They have smart designs and fresh finishes, with no detail overlooked.

    Can you say “easy living?” That’s what it’s all about, and communities everywhere are really starting to nail it on the head with providing options that today’s seniors have come to demand and deserve. Who knows, maybe you’ll call a senior living community “home” someday, too.

    What do you think? Are these amenities you’d like to see in a senior living community? Have you seen other features worth mentioning? Leave us a reply below!


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