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What Assisted Living Means at Three Pillars

September 28, 2021

The concept of assisted living means different things to different people, depending on their life experiences, perceptions, and knowledge levels. There are many types of assisted living communities, and they can offer different services. One common thread is that they all offer help in activities of daily living where it’s needed, foster independence where possible, and are there 24/7 in case of an emergency.

Compass Point Catered Assisted Living Lobby at Three Pillars, Dousman, Wisconsin
The entry of Three Pillars' Compass Point Catered Assisted Living

For many older adults, the thought of possibly moving to an assisted living community feels overwhelming. It may feel like an intrusion on their independence, an acknowledgement of needing help, or an undesirable change. Others, including loved ones, may simply be unclear about what the term "assisted living" really means. To help alleviate confusion, several states have begun to use the term "residential living" in order to stress how assisted living is like a "home away from home" and the positive aspects associated with it.

Catered Living at Three Pillars

Here at Three Pillars, our assisted living community, Compass Point, is formally licensed in Wisconsin as a Residential Care Apartment Complex (RCAC), and we call it “catered living.” 

If you are considering or beginning a transition to this lifestyle for yourself or a loved one, we urge you to consider all the benefits and peace of mind that catered living can offer a resident.  The “assistance” part of assisted living is freeing and empowering when seniors use it to their advantage. Care staff never infringes on a resident’s normal routine or takes over duties that they are perfectly capable of doing - however they will improve their lifestyle!

A personalized care plan is formulated for each resident to integrate assistance seamlessly with personal preferences, routines, and needs. Activities, stimulating programs, support groups, and offerings for spiritual, physical, social, and emotional wellness are offered daily. New friends are made and visitors are warmly welcomed, just like at home. Spacious apartments with various floor plan choices are private and homelike. Nutritious, chef-prepared meals are served daily in a choice of dining rooms. Housekeeping and maintenance services provide easy retirement living with a focus on leisure. And best of all, there are care staff in the building 24/7 in case of a need at any hour of the day.

Residents at Catered Assisted Living enjoy leisure and lifestyle while receiving care and support
Residents at Catered Assisted Living enjoy leisure and lifestyle while receiving care and support from dedicated staff.


Try It: Shifting Perspectives

Want to know our suggestion?



Reluctant individuals should simply shift what the word 'assistance' means to them, as safety and comfort are the ultimate priorities.


Assistance to one person could mean simply living in an environment designed for safety and support, with nothing more than a caregiver onsite if needed. For someone else, it could mean a personalized care plan with medication reminders and two meals per day, and for another, it includes assistance with bathing, laundry, and visits from a nurse. That’s the beauty of “catered living,” where services are catered to the individual.

A comprehensive study done by the Retirement Living Information Center showed that while the majority of seniors want to “age in place” (remain in their homes as they age), 80% of those acknowledge that in the event of failing or changing health, a move to a place where help is more readily available would bring more reassurance. We’ve heard it countless times: the peace of mind and improved lifestyle for the resident and their loved ones when they move to our catered living is immeasurable. (Don’t just take our word for it, read SueAnn’s story here!)


Safety, Driving, Amenities, and Care Team

For those still maintaining their independence in their own home despite health issues, many acknowledge having modifications to their homes, such as moving primary living space to a main or single level, installing non-slip flooring, improving overhead lighting, or modifying showers and tubs would be a lifestyle upgrade. At our community, our floor plans are designed to be spacious without being overwhelming, with airy vaulted ceilings and all the safety features built right in—no home modifications necessary! We offer comfortable yet safe carpeting, smooth transitions to walk-in showers, sliding doors, grab bars, and even small adaptations like stacked washer/dryers so residents never have to bend over to put strain on their back. Laid out for comfort, residents can worry less about slip-and-fall accidents and focus more on their daily routines.

One additional factor that many individuals think about when considering a move to assisted living is driving or not. At Three Pillars, some residents at Compass Point still drive and take advantage of prime reserved parking spots in our lot plus winter car warming services. Conversely, many no longer drive. It’s a reality that many people lose their ability to safely operate a vehicle as they age, and this is often cited as a culprit for feeling less independent. To combat that perception, we offer countless opportunities to get out and about or bring services right to the residents in the building.

Residents at assisted living enjoy many activities like bocce ball and more.
Recreational programs are offered to residents at assisted living communities to enjoy physical, social, emotional, and intellectual engagement - and plain old FUN!

Our campus and buildings are structured to be an entire community in itself, and with on-site facilities like our beauty shop, convenience store, clinic, restaurants, activity rooms, chapel, movie theater, therapy gym, private dining rooms, and other entertainment areas, we aim to bring an entire neighborhood’s worth of activities and amenities right to your front door. Our staff can help with logistics and appointments to free up residents’ time and mental energy so that health and relaxation come first.

Finally, Three Pillars’ catered assisted living community has trained caregivers onsite 24/7, plus a full interdisciplinary team there to support each resident. Services and offerings are personalized to each resident based on their preferences, desires, and needs for check-ins and continuing care. Perhaps meal planning and nutrition is a goal for a resident, so our caregivers can recommend or provide meals, cooking classes, or guide residents to one of our wellness programs. If peer relationships are important, our staff can introduce residents to others who share hobbies or passions, help schedule out their day to prevent boredom or isolation, and suggest programs like aerobics, crafting, or other enriching options.

Our team champions and encourages residents to try new things and become an advocate for their own health. In this way, assisted living is more of a safeguard and fortification of their existing lifestyle! Once again, pivoting the mindset and changing the definition from “caregiver” to “personal assistant” puts a positive spin on the ways assisted living can cater to the individual’s lifestyle and overall health and wellbeing.


What other questions do you have that we can help with? Leave us a comment below!

Ready to get more information or schedule a tour? Contact our Compass Point Senior Living Consultant today!


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