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April 22, 2015

7 spring cleaning tips for seniors

Dare we say it out loud? Spring has sprung!

So are you ready to clean that house? If you’re like us, a good spring cleaning brings about that renewed sense of accomplishment and puts a little spring in your step (pun intended!). For the 55 and better crowd, a clean living space can not only instill a spring-like fresh feeling, but it can also bolster optimal health and safety.

Here are 7 tips that are sure to make your home spotless and safe:

  1. Clean up clutter. The presence of too much “stuff” is often a factor in the case of a serious fall at home. Before you get too into the cleaning aspect, focus first on picking up. Scan your living space for clutter and make sure each room has a free-and-clear walkway. Aim to fill up a few boxes to donate to your local thrift shop or shelter that could use the items more than you. And when you’re done for the day, be sure you’ve cleaned up all of your supplies.
  2. Give your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors a once-over. Spring is a great time to check for functionality and battery life, and also to make yourself a note to check them again periodically throughout the year. These little devices can provide a huge layer of protection against two dreadful household hazards.
  3. Assess your floors. Yes, your floors. All of them. Banish trips and falls by making sure rugs are secured to the floor, transition areas from one flooring to another are as smooth as possible, and there are no bumps or areas that could easily catch a toe or walker foot.

  4. Re-stock or create an emergency kit. Everyone, young and old, can benefit from an easily-accessible kit to use in case of an emergency. Consider stocking your kit with things like a current medication list, contact info for family or friends, a flashlight, spare batteries, basic first-aid items, allergy and digestive medications, protein bars, and water.
  5. Target your medicine cabinet. Take some time to gather old or expired meds and locate a local medication drop-off spot. It’ll make room in your cabinet, allow you to better organize the meds you need handy, and reduce the risk of accidentally consuming an incorrect or old one.
  6. Use lightweight appliances and natural products throughout your cleaning binge. As important as maintaining a clean home is, it is certainly not worth an injury or strain. Take it easy by utilizing lightweight and cordless appliances whenever possible, and ask for help before doing any heavy lifting or rearranging. Keep away from strong toxic cleaning products and opt for more natural alternatives. Not sure what appliance or product to go with? Have a look at this comprehensive list of the best cleaning products for every situation.
  7. Make it a friendly affair. Adding friends or family to your “great spring cleaning project” will make the time fly and your productivity soar! Make a list of what you’d like to get done, invite a few helpers, turn on some tunes, and go to work together. Thank your loyal cleaning crew by cooking a meal or ordering in at the end of the day.

    So go on and get to it! Do you have a brilliant tip to add to our list? We love replies, so leave a comment below.



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