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New Life and Wildlife at Three Pillars

25 Must-See Photos | A Gallery of 2021's Baby Animals and Critters

June 26, 2021

Love baby animals and Wisconsin wildlife of all kinds? Our residents and employees do, too!

Baby whitetail deer fawns at Three Pillars in Dousman
When these two Whitetail deer cuties' mother decided Three Pillars was a good place to spend their first few days of life, we were swooning.

Our 295-acre campus is nestled in a park-like, wooded setting in Dousman, Wisconsin, with the Bark River running through the heart of it. Much to our delight, this means that in addition to providing the best quality of care for older adults in our area, we're also quite a haven for a diverse variety of critters, too. Lucky for us, we have several artistic resident photographers who document and share the beauty with us.

This gallery is brought to you by the very talented Virgil D, who is rarely seen without his camera at his side and has a knack for capturing incredible wildilfe moments. Thank you, Virgil!


baby gosling goose showing wings at three pillars
Am I ready to learn to fly yet?

Collage of Turtles wildlife at Three Pillars in Dousman
Every day is a good day for a turtle stroll or swim.

red winged blackbird at three pillars
What's that, you say? Three Pillars has a full continuum of care right in the heart of Lake Country?! Amazing.

Geese wildlife animals Three Pillars in Dousman

Mother Goose has the goslings perfecting their lineup skills.

squirrel at three pillars resting on hot day
Even gray squirrels enjoy a rest on our beautiful bridge.

goose and gosling babies swimming in pond at three pillars - from above
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Collage of birds wildlife at Three Pillars in Dousman
Aquatic birds are big fans of the Bark River that runs through our campus - fish, anyone?

Mother mallard duck with baby ducklings at three pillars
Mrs. Mallard comes in for a splash landing as her growing ducklings get busy diving for snacks.

mink at three pillars
From the Bark River to the shores and back --- semiaquatic animals like the mink enjoy our campus, as well.

mallard ducks growing up at three pillars
Mama mallard swims behind to keep an eye on the whole brood. They're growing up so fast!

baby geese goslings running across the path at three pillars
Follow me - we heard there's an ice cream social in the Holz Pavilion at 2 PM!

frogs at three pillars
Frog hugs make us smile.

Collage of birds wildlife at Three Pillars in Dousman
Beautiful birds take to the sky on our campus, too.

goose and goslings swimming in pond at three pillars
Mama goose teaches the goslings there are tasty morsels to discover on land, too.

Foggy sunrise at the Compass Point pond at Three Pillars

The mallard highly recommends the pond at Compass Point for sunrise prayers and daily devotions. 


Which was your favorite? Have another Wisconsin wildlife photo to share? Leave us a comment below!

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