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  • 1935
    • Approximately May 25 Willard Van Brunt has an accident as a result of slipping on his yacht
    • June 13 is a day of mourning for the Home and all Masons in Wisconsin and associated organizations. Willard A. Van Brunt, the one individual responsible for the realization of a dream shared by many others, was buried in Horicon, Wisconsin.
    • The Main Building on the grounds, the Home, became known as Van Brunt Hall.
  • 1940
    • During the war years repairs to the Home, Hospital, and Farm were put on hold. All buildings were in need of maintenance and plans were made to get them back in good repair.
  • 1944
    • Crops at the farm were wonderful. Apple, cherry, plum, and pear trees were added to the orchard.
    • Livestock consisted of 7 horses, 36 head of mature cattle, 30 head of young stock, 11 brood sows, 65 pigs, 20 fall shoats (young pigs) and 500 chickens.

Social Security Enacted

Helicopter Developed

Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor

D-Day, Normandy Invasion