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  • 1925
    • The first full year of operation for the hospital
    • Over $31,000 was spent on improving the grounds, buildings and furnishings. Trees, shrubs and flowers were planted.
    • The number of residents almost doubled in the first year to 37 (about 1/3 of capacity).
    • A greenhouse and garage were built. The greenhouse would provide fresh flowers for tables in the dining room and start plants for the garden. The garage housed vehicles used at the home and still stands west of the main building.
    • Near the spring, a pond was dredged, cleaned and stocked with trout.
    • A park was laid out for residents, families and friends to enjoy.
  • 1931
    • There were over 100 residents at the Home with the Hospital near capacity.
    • The woman who received the $5.00 gold piece in 1900 to begin the Eastern Star fund for a home passed away. Nellie M. Towner, PGM, had served on the Grand Lodge Home Board or the Eastern Star Home Board for 25 years. She was also referred to as the 'Mother of the Hospital'.
  • 1932
    • The Grand Lodge purchased picnic tables for the grounds. Several thousand visitors were welcomed to the Home each year. Most come for the Van Brunt Picnic in July, "giving the craft an opportunity to enjoy and learn more about the wonderful facility they have."
    • This tradition of a Chicken Barbeque still carries on today
  • 1934
    • There were 117 residents at the Home and Hospital. The cost per resident at the Home was $9.92 per week.
    • The report of the Grand Master revealed that the Home and Hospital were filled to capacity and there needed to be a plan for adding facilities.
    • Beef cattle were added to the farm.
    • The orchard consisted of 125 fruit trees and over 1,000 berry bushes.
    • The Home was incorporated as a charitable organization. The new name would be 'Wisconsin Masonic Home Incorporated'.

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