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Lunch & Learn: Mayor Frank P. Zeidler and the 1950s Rumor that Divided Milwaukee

Lunch & Learn: Mayor Frank P. Zeidler and the 1950s Rumor that Divided Milwaukee

11:30 AM - 1:30 PMTue, May 30, 2017Location:

Village on the Square | Community Room
375 State Road 67 - Dousman, WI 53118

Parking available at the Village on the Square | Humphrey Community Center.

The Phantom Billboards: Mayor Frank P. Zeidler and the 1950s Rumor that Divided Milwaukee*

Travel back to Milwaukee in the 1950’s with Aims McGuinness, Associate Professor in the History Department at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, who is currently authoring a book about the rampant "Whispering Campaign" controversy. Early in the decade, false rumors about Mayor Zeidler and his family began to spread across Milwaukee, and they went on to become so notorious that they attracted the attention of national media, including Time Magazine. As a public figure, imagine having to respond when anonymous opponents spread malicious lies about you and your family. Zeidler struggled with whether to acknowledge the rumors and deny them, seek out the culprits and try to bring them to justice, or ignore the falsehoods in hopes they’d go away. The stress caused by these false rumors contributed to his ultimate decision to withdraw from political life after the end of his third term as mayor in 1960. Join us for this informative "whodunnit" presentation about the controversy you may remember well, and glean some contemporary relevancies between today’s growing concerns about "fake news.” Learn about Zeidler's work as a mayor, and particularly his labors to combat the false rumors, in conjunction with the stresses of working as a public servant and a person in the public eye.

Lunch begins at 11:30 AM in the Community Room - Village on the Square. Presentation begins at 12:15PM. Cost: $9 for lunch.

To register, please contact Micaela at 262.965.7322 or email.

Free Lunch & Learn program repeats in Compass Point Pavilion Theater at 2:00PM.

*This program was made possible by the Wisconsin Humanities Council - ShopTalk Events